Tree Warden

Who is in charge:

Jeffrey R. Perotti Tree Warden & CT Licensed Arborist # S-4607

What we do:

Manage risk as it relates to trees and people

Where we do this:

Throughout our public spaces, and along our town roadways. Generally, we are concerned about trees located within 10’ of the shoulder of our town roads as well as trees in common areas.

How we do this:

The Tree Warden, First Selectman, and Town Crew are always on the look out for problem trees. We use a level One Tree Risk Assessment as described by ANSI A300 Part 9. This can be described as a limited visual assessment (wind shield survey from car, or walk by etc.), and targets higher risk trees from large populations. These trees are placed in a data base and dealt with on a priority system.

What we do not do:

We do not provide line clearance services along the road ways, or for service lines running from the pole to private residences. We will not remove or trim trees located in front of private residences and within 10’ of the road shoulder because they are an eyesore. Simply put we do not maintain tree clearances to provide for reliable electric services, and we do not provide general tree service for the towns people.

If you feel there is an issue of concern as it relates to trees and public spaces please contact Jeff Perotti via email. Consultation will be offered by the tree warden at that time. Please do not mark any trees with paint, tape, etc. unless asked to do so.

If you recognize an emergency situation (example tree down and across road way, electrical wires, pole, etc.) call Sharon Town Hall (860) 364-5789.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jeffrey Perotti Tree Warden