Housatonic River Commission

The HRC's purpose is to coordinate, on a regional basis, the local management and protections of the Housatonic River Valley in northwestern Connecticut.  The 1981 Plan spelled out the Commission's objectives and duties.  With minor modifications, this plan reaffirms those original objectives and duties.

Promote the retention of the free-flowing and scenic character of the Housatonic River;

Promote the protection and improvement of water quality, through:

  1. the elimination of toxic waste discharges and waste discharges lacking tertiary treatment;
  2. the adoption of measures to assure the proper performance of septic systems, including control of minimum lot sizes in relation to their soil characteristics;
  3. the adoption of measures for aquifer protection, ridgeline protection, erosion and sediment control, and the regulation of gravel and topsoil mining;
  4. the adoption of best management practices by farms within the whatershed; and
  5. the adoption of measure to minimize non-point source pollutions.

Promote the preservation of significant ecological areas, including protection of fish and wildlife habitats and the continuted stocking of indigenous game birds and fish;

Promote the adoption of measures to control density of recreational activity in the River corridor; and

Consult and cooperate with State agencies, the Towns, and ocal groups in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, and Federal agencies, for the achievement of these objectives.

Commission Members

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William R. Tingley



James Saunders