Democratic Town Committee

Connecticut Democrats have a commitment to rebuild prosperity and restore opportunity for all the people. From town meetings, to city halls, from the Governor's Mansion to Congress and the White House. Connecticut Democrats will listen and lead, always on the side of people striving for good jobs at good wages, quality health care, educational excellence, strong fiscal management, and equality of opportunity.

The Sharon Democratic Town Committee is committed to upholding these values and believes that the role of local government is to provide opportunity for all citizens and security for those in need while remaining fiscally responsible and accountable to the public. We commit ourselves to improving the quality of life in Sharon and to upholding the state and national party rules.

The Sharon Democratic Town Committee meets monthly to discuss party business. Other special meetings and caucuses are held as needed especially during a Municipal election year. At our meetings we also work to nominate Sharon Democrats to elected and appointed positions. If you want to attend a meeting, have a question about an issue or are interested in serving your town as member of a board or commission please contact our Chair.

Board Members

Name Title
Nancy Green Chair
Laurance B. Rand Vice Chair
Eliza K. Klose Treasurer
Allen I. Young Secretary
Harding F. Bancroft, Jr. Member
Malcolm Brown Member
Janice Dudek Member
Tom Gruenewald Member
Edward M. Kirby Member
Laurie Lisle Member
Liz Piel Member
Barbara Prindle Member
Barclay W. Prindle Member
Marel Rogers Member
Susanne Smith Member
Alan Tucker Member
Marlene Woodman Member
Zelina Blagden Member
Jill Drew Member
Casey T. Flanagan Member
Janell Mullen Member
Cody W. O'Kelly Member